Finally I have the UI part of Minimum Cut project done. Only the UI part, no more. I know the UI part is not good nor bad. It is so-so, enough for me and my friend to express our algorithm, enough to almost push me into some heart-attack. Maybe I will improve it at some times when my heart is at good condition. Not right now obviously.

It is probably not my first touch on Javascript, though obviously my first full experience on the power of Javascript. I am very surprised (like a fool) to know that the programming treats procedure as class do exist! It is not something theoretical only inside some Peter Van Roy’s book. It lives and it indeed has been living there for years. Oh my foolish self did not discover its beautiful existence (Nah, I am just a fangirl of cool things. Never mind.).

Well, Javascript in my impression is kind of wild. It also does not look like I have experienced Javascript enough to make any further comments of it but I guess it is interesting to investigate my time in. I have decided to jump into web programming anyway.

Though not having clear evidence, I can see that Javascript’s performance is not as good as C/C++/blah blah’s performance: by that I means Javascript’s performance observably slow compared to blah blah’s performance in small script. I have also doubted if it is because of not well-coding Javascript’s library. Whatever, I have found these two articles (one sets me down and one sets me up):

I know they are old still the second one is worth reading: It indeed sheds light for some guys like me. Though we will be old.


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