Setting up VPS as a web server notes

Setting up a secure Ubuntu LAMP server has an amazing article. However, it is a little outdated:

FTP server problems:

  • I have had a hard time with vsftpd I have switched to PureFTPd. systemBash has a comparison article on vsftpd vs PureFTPd vs ProFTPd, which states that PureFTPd is the most secure server of them all.
  • Currently I setup PureFTPd by following the guide Setting Up Pure-FTPd in Ubuntu, however that alone is not secure and you will have problems in passive mode, ubuntu documentation offers a great help. Anyway, do not forget to let the firewall allows a range of passive ports.
  • <insert TLS problem here>


  • How To Use SFTP to Securely Transfer Files with a Remote Server
  • If you set ChrootDirectory /srv then there maybe a chance that the home directory of a user should be /www/ with /www is a sub-directory of /srv. Also do not forget to set root as the owner of /srv. I have also found a problem when I try to set /srv/www as the ChrootDirectory, this problem is not solved until now.

Mail Server:


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