Todai Entrance Exam: Subject 2014 – Problem 1


    \[ \left{\begin{matrix} V_{-} - V_{OUT} = \frac{R_{2}}{R_{1} + R_{2}}(V_{IN} - V_{OUT})\  V_{OUT} = A(V_{+} - V_{-}) = -AV_{-} \end{matrix}\right. \Rightarrow \frac{V_{OUT}}{V_{IN}} = \frac{AR_{2}}{-AR_{1} - R_{1} - R_{2}} \]


If the input impedance is not infinity then the input voltage will be decreased by a factor before getting amplified.

If the input offset voltage is non-zero, then the input-output characteristics curve will also be offsetted.

I don’t know about frequency response.


Check the last slide, this and this.

Note: It may save the power of the power source and provide the current flow higher than the support of the power source.

(4) & (5)

Skip and check later. Too many new stuffs. Possibly relevant.


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